Downtown Leon from Cathedral Roof

Core Values

Partnership. In all things, El Ayudante seeks to partner with local leaders and community organizations as we work together for the Nicaraguan people. Therefore, we operate under the authority of government institutions. Nationals determine their vision and priorities for their communities, and we have the privilege of coming alongside them and to offer our support.

Holistic Transformation. We at El Ayudante believe that God is working to make all things new through Jesus Christ, and that he has called the church to participate with him in bringing about such radical change. That is why El Ayudante’s efforts and resources are aimed to impact all major facets of life in Nicaragua—the spiritual as well as the physical.

Sustainability. At El Ayudante we are focused on creating sustainable programs that allow the realities of the community surrounding us to help shape the ministries and service within that community. Therefore, we take into consideration the financial and social ability of those we serve. This allows for the communities themselves to take ownership of these programs.

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