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Mission Trip to El Ayudante

If you’re ready to make a request to book a trip, glance over the calendar and find the best Saturday-to-Saturday week that works for you, and then fill out the Mission Trip Request Form below. If the week you want is indicated “busy,” go ahead and apply for that week as your first choice, but please include a second choice as well. El Ayudante can usually accommodate two mission teams a week.

After you submit the request form, we will contact you soon to confirm your week or discuss various other options.   A $250 deposit after your week is confirmed will secure your trip.


Mail all checks to:

El Ayudante, Inc.
P. O. Box 10805
Jackson, TN 38308

We can often accommodate more than one group per week, but if your choice of dates is marked "busy" on the calendar, please include a second choice trip date to assist in planning.

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