2019 Annual Report


Principles of Partnership


We keep God at the center in everything we do in order to bring glory to Him.


Our overarching goal is to form and nurture healthy, interdependent, and on-going relationships with local communities.


We recognize that God is here working, so we seek to partner with the Nicaraguan church toward the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven.


In view of God’s mission to make all things new in Christ, our efforts are aimed to impact all facets of life: the spiritual as well as the physical.


Our efforts should always seek to empower local communities in their own development and not create dependency.


We seek to identify and mobilize the capabilities, skills, and resources from within local communities.


Short-term mission teams are an extension of El Ayudante’s engagement and collaboration with local communities to have a sustainable impact.

2019 Ministry At-A-Glance

2019 Accomplishments

  • Monthly feeding program at La Majada
  • Baby formula for child recovering from heart surgery
  • Study allowance for two children
  • School supplies as needed throughout the year
  • Monthly transportation to special needs school
  • Community support for garden projects
  • House built for community teacher
  • 20 Surgeries performed and 275 hygiene kits dispersed


  • 10 teams
  • 87 members hosted
  • 1,685 food bags distributed
  • 3 houses constructed
  • 15 conferences held
  • 1,600 snacks prepared and served
  • 606 meals shared
  • 6 staff devotionals, 6 Prayer Walks
  • 15 VBS opportunities
  • 509 Water filters provided

Communities Served

  • La Pazcentro
  • La Majada
  • Rubén Darîo
  • Salinas Grande
  • Boqueron
  • Maranonal
  • Los Angeles
  • Adiact
  • Alfonso Cortez
  • Bella Vista
  • Casa de Tabla
  • El Pozo
  • La Ceiba Mojón Sur
  • La Estación
  • El Porvenir
  • Hato 3
  • Las Parcelas
  • Los Abuelos
  • Los Remedios
  • Paciente 1
  • Quetzalhuaque

Outreach Areas

  • HEODRA Hospital
  • Special Needs School
  • Nursing Home & Secret Heart Orphanage
  • Dios Con Nosotros Church
  • Cordero de Dios Church
  • Pan de Vida Church
  • Huerto El Eden Church

I am thankful for the blessings that have come to our church and community from El Ayudante and from our brothers and sisters from North America. These blessings have changed the economic & social situation of many families with houses, food, and a clinic. All of these things are only possible because of Jesus Christ.

— Pastor Wilber Robleto
Lamb of God Church

El Ayudante has changed my life greatly. For 15 years, it has been my second home with a great family. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this ministry, and I ask God to continue pouring blessings on this Ministry.

—José Napoleón García
Gardener, El Ayudante


There are so many wonderful things about being a sponsor. For me, my favorite part has been the chance to build a relationship with my girls over several years. When I met them, they were only 7 years old! Now, they’re about to turn 12 and it has been such a privilege to walk with them and watch them grow into the sweet, funny, smart girls they are! I am so grateful for EA and the chance for deep & beautiful relationships!

—Cameron Mashburn

It’s such a blessing to be able to be a sponsor. Even more so that I was able to help with the organization. After working in the sponsorship program, I couldn’t wait for the new kids to come and start forming a new relationship with someone that I knew would last a lifetime. Not only are we helping take care of all their physical needs, but EA allows us to develop that connection with our child that will bloom into a role-model position in their life that’s full of the encouragement and support that they need!

I’m currently sponsoring Evelyn, even though I still feel like a padrino [God-father] to them all. EA has given me many opportunities to make unforgettable moments; from fixing her bike, rapping reguetón on the swings, to eventually have Skype calls where we deal with little girl friend drama. I’ve seen how much these kids love their sponsors. They’ll let us in their life as far as we show them that we want to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see all the great things in store for these kids, and I am so thankful to EA that we can all have a part in them!

Thanks again!


In 2019 at El Ayudante’s HCN, we continue working with each family so that they have a better future, thanks to the support of the sponsors for our center.

At the beginning of the year, our students’ entry to classes is guaranteed by donating a school package to each child, which includes a school uniform, school shoes, and learning materials.

We provide transportation to and from school so that our children attend school every day, always using the EA bus for our elementary students. High school students are provided financial help to go to their respective study centers, and they can return to the HCN for tutoring and activities.

We have a homework and school reinforcement plan, which is implemented when the students are in HCN, in order to carry out the tasks assigned in school. We also have school reinforcement to strengthen the subjects which present greater difficulty to help students obtain satisfactory academic results.

In addition to work at the HCN, school visits are made to evaluate achievements and difficulties present in educational and behavioral areas. We then work with children and parents to partner together for the best school success possible. Upon returning from the Easter holidays, sneakers and a button-down school shirt were given to each child.

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.

Romans 1:8

Being part of El Ayudante has changed my life, thanks to my godparents who have supported me financially, I managed to finish my career and now I can perform in a work environment that demonstrates what I know, my skills, and responsibility. EA has made me who I am!

— Jenni Miranda
Graduate Student,
Nursing College


We continue to support health, where guidance is provided to parents on what to do in the event that a child or adolescent becomes ill. Educational health is supported by examinations and treatment prescribed by the doctor.

In the event that a child is referred to a specialist, an economic support plan for the parent is worked on, ensuring the optimal health of our children.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121

I Thank God for El Ayudante Ministry and Mission Teams. God has impacted us through El Ayudante by bringing the blessing of houses, food bags, many blessings that we have received from our Lord. El Ayudante have brought blessings and happiness to our community.

I Thank God, El Ayudante, and mission teams.

Sincerely yours,
— Andrés Ruiz
Community Leader


Talks were given to children, teachers, and families about water-born bacteria with the aim of empowering families and our students on how to prevent infections. Likewise with younger children through stories, they are taught respect, honesty, friendship and tolerance with the aim of promoting values. Adolescents have been given talks individually on the proper use of condoms, consequences of early sex, and STDs.

Generally, care and counseling continue to be provided to our children, adolescents, and parents. School visits were made to track the academic performance and behavior our kids have in school.

Guidance is provided to HCN teachers to work with children and adolescents, so they are able to overcome the challenges presented to them as they arise.


Mr. Daniel Mejía working in coordination with the HCN staff to lead the mentoring efforts of El Ayudante. The aim of mentoring is to provide children and adolescents important life skills and training.

We hold a monthly meeting, where we celebrate a different value each month, and community service (food distribution, devotionals) is also carried out with all children and mentors in different communities.

This year, we worked to ensure that our female adolescents also received a female mentor, since female adolescents face unique challenges. We also continued to work on mission activities, handing out donations from groups that were unable to come to Nicaragua this year. The values we have taught this semester are: unity in the family, love and sacrifice, respect for others, honesty and trust, care for nature.

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

Romans 5:1

As a leader of the community, I feel so grateful that with God, El Ayudante, and mission teams so much has been done to improve the community. They have brought to us things like houses, food bags, and school supplies for our children.

Most importantly, we are grateful for the love you all have given to us. Sincerely yours.

— Gregoria Vilchez
Community Leader


Our kids attend the HCN center from Monday to Friday, where they are provided with a balanced diet that includes breakfast and lunch, and in the afternoons kids are given a snack.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5

2019 Expenditures

Key Categories



Food $71,012 18%
Medical $231 1%
Missions and Outreach $57,384 14%
Operational Expenses $25,452 6%
Professional Services $42,464 11%
Repairs and Maintenance $13,694 3%
Salary and Wage Expenses $162,101 40%
Supplies $12,607 3%
Utilities $15,595 4%

TOTAL $400,540

I thank God for giving me the chance of serving El Ayudante and the families as a leader in this community. It fills me with great joy and happiness, beholding how God has blessed in a huge way the families and all the people that live in this community through the many projects developed through El Ayudante and the mission teams. Thank you for the houses, food bags, improvements, all of which have improved the economy in our community and quality of life for our families.

Sincerely Yours,
— Milva Soto
Community Leader

In my life I can describe El Ayudante in three words: “Blessing of God.” Serving is the key in El Ayudante and this has strengthened the value of service in my life.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to have a job, which allows me financial independence. El Ayudante has meant love, sacrifice and dedication to the service of others.

— Prof. Marisol Dolmust
HCN Director

Letter from Vanessa

2019 at El Ayudante was one of hope, strength, and joy in many ways. 2018 was a year with many challenges and difficulties. Thanks to the support of our donors, missionary groups, and sponsors, we were able to strengthen and prepare for 2019, while renewing our goals in each of our areas, and analyzing each pillar of EA: Child, Family, Community.

During the course of the year we had a total of 10 missionary teams, with a total of 87 mission members. Three houses were built in different communities, including the last house built for one of our HCN children (Marcos). This house was so special because all the staff and a group of missionaries met for the dedication of the house. It was so beautiful to share the love of God among us, and to see Marcos and his family so happy to obtain his house. This was a dream come true. Without a doubt we are grateful for the generosity of the members of the group for making a difference in the lives of families in need.

We were present in 15 communities delivering food bags and water filters, and performing 20 pediatric surgeries at the HEODRA Hospital in León. These surgeries were performed by a specialized medical team that has been committed to this work for more than 15 years for the benefit of patients with limited financial resources.

In our center called HCN, 2019 was full of great success and rejoicing thanks to the unconditional support of our sponsors, we had the following academic results: Angie was promoted to preschool, and the adolescents Yatzury Gutierrez, Grendy Maradiaga, and Erick Juárez finished Primary (6th grade), and they now go on to Secondary.

We are doubly proud of the twin sisters Ivania and Chilo González who finished their studies at the University. Now our home has a new Nurse and a Public Accountant, who will be at the service of our Nicaraguan community.

At our HCN Center we provide care to 36 children, of which only 23 children receive full funding and there are 13 children who still need sponsorship. We give Infinite thanks to each sponsor, each donor, each member, and each mission team that has made possible a transformation in the life of each family, each child and each community.

From the bottom of my heart.
Vanessa Paz, Executive Director