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Tomas Borjes is rich in hope and love

2013-07-31T15:03:03-06:00July 31st, 2013|Community, Poverty, Teams|

As I look back over the past eight weeks that I have spent here in Nicaragua, I am amazed by a lot of things, but mostly by the people. I love people.  One of my favorite things in life is building relationships with others. I love to hear people's stories—what has made them who they [...]

a smile that lights up a room

2013-07-15T14:48:49-06:00July 15th, 2013|Children, Community, Teams|

The Special Needs School in Leon is a favorite spot for many teams that come to serve with El Ayudante.  A group from Grace United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida, had the privilege of visiting and passing out food bags at homes of some of the students from the school.  They knew that these visits [...]

prisoners and dignitaries

2013-06-20T20:17:04-06:00June 20th, 2013|Community, Teams|

Prisoners and Dignitaries | Fayette Presbyterian serving prisoners and their families When Fayette Presbyterian team came to El Ayudante last year they visited the prison and were greatly impacted by the conditions that they saw. From praying and asking about the needs of the prison a vision was born to build a visitor center so [...]

we are a family

2013-06-06T19:48:43-06:00June 6th, 2013|Children, Teams|

We Are a Family | A story of child sponsorship In 2005, my wife, Keila and I moved to Tennessee after I had been serving as a missionary for five years in Puerto Rico.  Through my home church, I was introduced to El Ayudante and invited to go to Nicaragua on a mission trip.  As [...]

safety, comfort and luxury

2013-03-01T17:48:42-06:00March 1st, 2013|Community, Poverty|

Long days. Yesterday was a long day. It was a day where the power was turned off at 7:30am and didn’t come on again until 6:00pm. Those are the days that myself and the team members currently here are forced to remember where we are. Often on the El Ayudante campus it is easy to [...]

created in jesus to do really good things

2013-02-01T17:33:19-06:00February 1st, 2013|Uncategorized|

Hung on the wall behind the table where teams meet to share daily meals is a simple frame containing a picture of Leon with the verse from Ephesians, “We are an incredible masterpiece of God, created in Jesus to do really good things.  This is what God wants from us and what God has wanted [...]

stories of hardship met with pure faith

2012-10-01T17:41:19-06:00October 1st, 2012|Uncategorized|

Luke 8: 40-55 I’d like to tell you two faith and healing stories from our recent week in Nicaragua.  Like the stories in Luke, these stories also involve two women, one old and one young.  And it is their faith in the healing power of Christ that I want to tell you about. Juana didn’t [...]

leandra does research

2012-08-04T02:45:18-06:00August 4th, 2012|Uncategorized|

This summer I had the pleasure of spending six weeks in Nicaragua working with El Ayudante. During my six weeks, I spent a good deal of my time conducting research on the work El Ayudante is doing through their Family Enrichment Center. Through the course of my research I had the privilege of spending time [...]

kate’s first letter

2012-07-01T19:24:15-06:00July 1st, 2012|Uncategorized|

This is my first time being able to tell you about what God has been doing here this summer. My name is Kate Sudduth, and I am the new Mission Team Liaison. I am living and working down here full-time. I have gotten the fantastic pleasure of joining Vanessa in working with many groups already [...]

what teams are saying

2012-03-23T02:59:17-06:00March 23rd, 2012|Uncategorized|

As Holy Week (or Semana Santa) approaches, 2012 is finally giving the staff at El Ayudante a few weeks to rest since team after team from January through March. Things will kick off again in May, and we cannot wait! We have been getting rave reviews from every single team that has traveled to serve [...]