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Ever wonder what's happening all over campus at EA? Our yearly campus newsletter is the perfect way to learn more about what's happening at the HCN, what teams are doing, and how you can better get involved and join our mission! Follow the link below to read more about EA in 2018. CAMPUS NEWSLETTER 2018

update on the kiddos!

2014-05-04T10:44:37-06:00May 4th, 2014|Children|

Greetings from Nicaragua!   I hope this note finds you and your families well! The El Ayudante team wanted to send you an update on the activities of the children at HCN. So, here we go!   In January, our oldest youth, Jenny, started university at UNAN in León. She is the first El Ayudante [...]

More than a symbol

2013-12-31T13:09:48-06:00December 31st, 2013|Children, Community, Relationships|

Meet Jesús. At a time in El Ayudante’s life when finances were tight, staff was overworked, and the future held many questions, Jesús and his brother, Franklin, were brought to our attention by Nicaragua’s Ministry of Families. They asked if we were able to take them in as they had been living on the streets [...]

a smile that lights up a room

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The Special Needs School in Leon is a favorite spot for many teams that come to serve with El Ayudante.  A group from Grace United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida, had the privilege of visiting and passing out food bags at homes of some of the students from the school.  They knew that these visits [...]