Mt. Sinai | A New Identity

2014-02-03T14:40:21-06:00February 3rd, 2014|Community, Poverty, Relationships, Teams|

Old Loneliness (Vieja Soledad) is not the most welcoming name. Yet, for about 65 years, this was the self-chosen identity for a community in the periphery of Quezalguaque. During the rainy season, floods killed livestock and destroyed housing. In harvest season, thick clouds of smoke enveloped the homes each time that the big plantations burned [...]

Tomas Borjes is rich in hope and love

2013-07-31T15:03:03-06:00July 31st, 2013|Community, Poverty, Teams|

As I look back over the past eight weeks that I have spent here in Nicaragua, I am amazed by a lot of things, but mostly by the people. I love people.  One of my favorite things in life is building relationships with others. I love to hear people's stories—what has made them who they [...]

safety, comfort and luxury

2013-03-01T17:48:42-06:00March 1st, 2013|Community, Poverty|

Long days. Yesterday was a long day. It was a day where the power was turned off at 7:30am and didn’t come on again until 6:00pm. Those are the days that myself and the team members currently here are forced to remember where we are. Often on the El Ayudante campus it is easy to [...]