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It’s been a difficult season in Nicaragua and at EA; however, the Lord continues to bless and sustain us. To read more about how EA is doing during this season, what we are doing to continue the ministry, and how you can help; follow the link to the newsletter below. SPONSOR CONNECTION – 2ND QUARTER […]


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From welcoming 6 new children into our program to starting a new school year, 2018 started with a bang! So many blessings ahead for 2018! Follow the link below to read more. SPONSOR CONNECTION-1ST QUARTER

June Newsletter

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The Fruit of Focus

They were a community under attack. Every year the waters would rise, and when they descended they took with them the well-being of the people. Families lost their homes, their livestock, and their security. Until, finally, a gift was given and a partnership was formed. Such was the beginning of Mt. Sinai. In 2009, after […]

Mt. Sinai | A New Identity

Old Loneliness (Vieja Soledad) is not the most welcoming name. Yet, for about 65 years, this was the self-chosen identity for a community in the periphery of Quezalguaque. During the rainy season, floods killed livestock and destroyed housing. In harvest season, thick clouds of smoke enveloped the homes each time that the big plantations burned […]