El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization

smile to light up room

The Special Needs School in Leon is a favorite spot for many teams that come to serve with El Ayudante.  A group from Grace United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida, had the privilege of visiting and passing out food bags at homes of some of the students from the school.  They knew that these visits were going to be special, but they didn’t know that the Lord was going to touch their hearts in a way far greater than they could ever had imagined.

One of the houses they visited was the home of Justin, a boy whose smile could light up any room.  They immediately fell in love with this precious child.  After conversing with the grandmother for a while, she explained to the group that Justin didn’t go to school that day because the bus stop was too far and his wheel chair was broken.  If he went to school, she would have to carry him to the bus stop, and he was beginning to get too heavy for a grandmother like her.  This greatly impacted the team, and they knew they had to do something to help this family—not only so that Justin could get to school, but also to help the grandmother who was dedicated to taking care of her special boy.

Grace UMC returned to the team house determined to come up with the money to buy Justin a new wheelchair.  The team, consisting of mainly teenagers, raised the money with ease.  The next day, they visited the store, and placed an order.  The wheelchair was ready three days later, and was delivered about a week after that by some of our El Ayudante staff.

Justin was absolutely elated about his new chair.  His whole face lit up with joy and complete surprise.  We adjusted the chair, explained how it worked, and took him for a spin around the yard.  He was so happy that he could not stop squealing and smiling.  It was a special day, not only for him, but also for his family.  This gift made a huge impact in the life of sweet Justin, and it couldn’t have been done without the generous people of Grace UMC.  Thank you for your support, generosity, and heart for the people of Nicaragua, and especially Justin.


Megan Coley
Special Projects Coordinator
FEC Liaison