El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization


Meet Jesús.
At a time in El Ayudante’s life when finances were tight, staff was overworked, and the future held many questions, Jesús and his brother, Franklin, were brought to our attention by Nicaragua’s Ministry of Families. They asked if we were able to take them in as they had been living on the streets with no family to be found. Franklin had taken on the role of translator for his older brother who was unable to hear or speak. Jesús had maintained the role of protector.

As our finances were unstable and we could not waiver in our commitment to care for the children already participating in our program, we as a board felt torn about how to respond. Valuing the wisdom of our Nicaraguan staff, we sought their input and committed to pray with them for guidance in the decision that needed to be made.

A few days later, Marisol, the Director of the HCN, let us know that while there were definitely specific challenges that would accompany a commitment to care for these two boys, she and Vanessa were in agreement: God had brought these boys to El Ayudante for a special purpose, and so we had to take them in and care for them as our own. We agreed, and the journey began.
Over one year later, Jesús is no longer trying to run away from school, hiding in corners, or refusing to play with other children and adults. In fact, the picture you see here is of Jesús performing a dance he taught himself in the likeness of Michael Jackson for the staff, children, and board members of El Ayudante.

When the song concluded, the ranchero was flooded with tears. The children who have become Jesús’ family cheered and screamed for him. The staff and board looked at each other amazed at what God had done. This moment has become for us more than a beautiful symbol of God’s power to transform lives through the obedience of his people. From an orphan in the streets, Jesús is now part of a large and loving family. Once unable to hear or speak, Jesús now has hearing aids and is doing well with sign language. Once numb to the world outside, Jesús is now discovering the things that make him spark. If you’ve met him, you know that he is an irreplaceable part of the El Ayudante family. More than a symbol, he was a needed part of our family.

As you consider making your end-of-year donations, know that El Ayudante can only exist and participate in these kinds of transformative stories by the generous prayers, time and financial contributions of people like you. Please consider sponsoring a member of the El Ayudante family today or making a general donation to help support our overall work.

Wishing you well as you conclude 2013 and enter all that is in store for 2014.


Donald Jordan
EA Nicaragua Board Member