I am grateful to El Ayudante because it was a fundamental part of my life and helped me to grow.   EA was there in every stage of my life since I was a child.  Thanks to the people who were part of this process because without them I would not have achieved this triumph.   EA is an organization that allows you to develop yourself professionally and especially as a person.  Thanks to my sponsors because they were always there to help me grow … today, I am a nursing graduate from El Ayudante


Being at El Ayudante has greatly impacted my life since I was 12 years old. After I graduated from high school, I was able to attend one of the most well-known universities here in Nicaragua. I got my Nursing degree in Child’s Health and now am working as a nurse helping people in their home, and I am still looking for a full-time nursing job. I’m very thankful for every single person God has put in my life to make my dreams come true. Thank you so much and may God bless you!


El Ayudante has been part of my life for a long time.  It is incredible how it opened its doors for me and my sisters.  Thanks to all the support that has been given to us, our lives have had a great change.  I thank God that he put me in this incredible place, where I have grown, seen many changes and have learned from each and every opportunity. Thanks to all the people who have been part of this place and who have put their trust and love in this place, in me and in the children, who are part of El Ayudante.

Thanks to everyone and especially to my godparents.  Without a doubt they are one of the blessings that God has placed in my life.  They are incredible people who have been present regardless of the circumstances, filling my life with love and hope.  Thanks to El Ayudante, even in the midst of difficulties and obstacles, I have fulfilled the dreams and goals that I have set for myself. Now, I have received my Bachelor of Public Accounting and Finance degree, and can finally enter the workplace and put into practice the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my studies, which were made possible by the support that I have received at El Ayudante.

Without a doubt, El Ayudante with God’s help transforms each family and each life that is part of this mission.

God Bless every sponsor, and every one of the people who are part of El Ayudante


The World Bank reports that 72% of the population of Nicaragua does not graduate high school. Sponsorships allow you to build a relationship with your child and watch them accomplish great things. These achievements could not have happened without the diligence and dedication from the children and support from you.

All the graduates listed below were the first in their families to accomplish this achievement!


My name is Fernando and my birthday is February 6, 2001. I live with my Mom and I have three brothers. I love all colors and my favorite animal is a lion. I love to eat churrasco, play sports, and spend time with my friends. My favorite sports are soccer, baseball, and volleyball. My favorite subject is English, and I like to joke around a lot.

This is another step in my life and a new beginning. I have completed high school and am now going to the university. For this achievement and progress, I give thanks to all the people who have supported me. Thanks to the unconditional support from my sponsors and the trust they place in me so that I can continue my education at the University studying to earn my degree as an Electronics / Computer Technician.



My name is Celeste and my birthday is November 20, 2001. I live with my grandmother and my sisters. I love to sing and dance. My favorite color is green, and I love to eat chicken. My favorite animal is a dog and my favorite activity is watching baseball or soccer.

Graduating high school has represented a great success in my life. A success that I would not have been able to achieve without the support of everyone. I thank God that he put wonderful people who have walked beside me and with me on this journey. I look back on this journey of perseverance and see the support that you have given me. It fills my soul with happiness that I can continue my studies at the university to become a medical lab technician. Thank you so much for everything. I love you so much, Blessings.



My name is Valeria, and my birthday is May 5, 2003. I live with my mom, stepdad, and my brother and sister, Winkler and Valeska; who are also in the program at El Ayudante. My favorite food is nacatamal (a traditional Nicaraguan food). My favorite activities include playing kickball and watching Barcelona play soccer. Once I graduate, I would like to study accounting.

My fifth-year promotion was very important to me because I achieved what I set out to do. With the help of God, all my teachers, and my sponsors, this was made possible. Now thanks to their support and help, I get the opportunity to go on to University to learn more as I study to become an Accountant.


El Ayudante is a Christian humanitarian organization based in León, Nicaragua, dedicated to partnering with the Nicaraguan people to transform the nation: One child, One family, One community at a time. Our teachers and staff care for 34 children and their families through our Nicaraguan Christian Home known as the HCN. We work daily with each child and their family to provide, housing, education, nutritious meals, medical care, and spiritual nurturing

When our children first entered the program, most were not in school and were malnourished.  With the help of Sponsors several of our children have “graduated” from our program and now have the skills to become self-sufficient with vocational skills like construction / maintenance and cosmetology, or college degrees. Two have recently graduated with nursing degrees and another in accounting.  We also have one child in college and three children that graduated high school in Dec 2020.