As Holy Week (or Semana Santa) approaches, 2012 is finally giving the staff at El Ayudante a few weeks to rest since team after team from January through March. Things will kick off again in May, and we cannot wait! We have been getting rave reviews from every single team that has traveled to serve alongside our Nicaraguan partners, and we hope you’ve been following the El Ayudante Facebook page to see the pictures they’ve ben posting. We’d like to share with you a few of the things they have been saying!
“Our team had a great time, and didn’t want to leave! We loved working with the children and connecting with them despite the language barrier.  . . .We would like to say thank you to the El Ayudante staff! The staff was amazing! They were caring, fun, helpful, and really took care of us! Not to mention that the food was wonderful! ”
+ University of NC, Wesley
“I am grateful that we were all met at the airport promptly, that the travel went well, and that the preparations for the building of the house and the Bible Schools were all done very well.  Our medical team also had great support. …We look forward to going to El Ayudante again.  I pray that God will sustain this ministry.  You are like part of us, and we feel connected to you.”
+ Mamaroneck UMC
If you have been thinking about booking a trip back to El Ayudante, now is the time! We get one fantastic report after another from all the teams who have been down in 2012, and the calendar is filling up! Contact us at [email protected] to start the conversation today!