El Ayudante Nicaragua

One child. One Family. One Community at a time.

El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization

About El Ayudante

Translating to “The Helper,” our Mission as a Christian humanitarian organization based in León, Nicaragua, is dedicated to partnering with the Nicaraguan people to transform the nation — One child, One family, One community at a time. 


Life Changing Services for Communities

We host short-term ministry teams from all over the world to work with local Nicaraguan community leaders toward bringing tangible and holistic change in people’s lives. We also offer supportive care for 34 children and their families through our Hogar Christiano Nicaraguense (HCN) or Nicaraguan Christian Home. We work daily with each child and family in our mission to provide:

Housing, Excellence in Education, Nutritious Meals, Proper Medical Care, School Supplies, Uniforms, and Spiritual Nurturing.

How Can You Serve This Vital Ministry?

Plan a Trip

Be the hands and feet of Christ. Whether this is your first trip or planning a return visit - you should find everything you need to get started.

Sponsor a Child

For as little as $35 a month, you can sponsor a child so they receive educational tutoring, spiritual development, mentoring programs, with regular healthcare, emotional and social support, and nutritious food.


As our devoted teams continue to make their way back to serve our community, we remain in need of both prayer and financial support. For this Christ-centered ministry to grow and thrive, we need help from all of God’s people. You can actively participate in the work of El Ayudante in these important ways through your donation.

Join Us. Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Through all of this, we clearly see the hand of God at work as our staff and those they serve have grown in faith through our trials. Our compassionate staff routinely provides bible studies, devotions and mentoring to our children and their partnering communities. We have been able to increase both physical and spiritual sustenance and encouragement to those most in need.

Check out the information for team leaders and find out everything you need to know from planning your dates to choosing your daily activities.

We have 3 new children who need sponsors!