El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization

How can you pray for El Ayudante?

Pray for those who have been touched by the work of El Ayudante to continue to support this ministry until teams can return.

At the Night of Prayer, prayed for our children and staff. We want you to pray for them even now. Click for prayer cards for our children and our staff.

Thank you for joining us in the special night of prayer for El Ayudante and the country of Nicaragua that occurred on September 17, 2020.

Be on the look out for future opportunities such as this to participate!

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Although our Night of Prayer 2020 is over, we encourage you to take a look at a set of Leader Resources we have curated especially for those who would like to gather together with others in community or group prayer apart from our dedicated time. These resources will help you both to prepare and to make your night more personal and meaningful.


We encourage you to use these resources use these resources in hosting your own local Night of Prayer at your church or with your group.

Click to access the Leader Resources for the Night of Prayer.


We have made graphics available for you that will help you promote the Night of Prayer and to host the night of prayer. Use these graphics on social media, in your service announcements, and on the Night of Prayer itself.


We are making individual prayer cards for our children and our staff available to you so that you can pray for each of them individually. Each card includes specific prayer points as well.

We are also making information on our communities and sponsorship available to you. Print these resources and have them available to those who would like to continue to support El Ayudante.


Individual videos from our main Night of Prayer event are available for you as you see fit to use them to host your own Night of Prayer. Feel free to use these videos in your own Night of Prayer, in your groups, and in worship at your church. In these videos, you will engage with our local team and worship elements that can be used as God leads you.