El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization


There are a variety of areas in which mission teams can utilize their gifts to partner with local leadership to transform the nation. As El Ayudante works with teams to identify areas of giftedness and opportunities for service, we encourage teams to revisit and reflect on the principles that frame our approach to doing ministry in Nicaragua.


There are various construction projects and renovations throughout León open to mission teams.  A favorite of many teams is to build a house for a family in need.


Basic school supplies are always needed in our target communities as well as classroom instruction in math, art, and science. Teacher training for educators is also an option.


Bibles and study materials for area churches are always in demand as well as pastor and lay-leader training, as well as praying with families in need. Teams always have the opportunity to teach and minister to children through activities, Bible lessons, and sports.


Teams can serve in locations identified by the Ministry of Health (MINSA) including our own medical clinic, the university hospital (HEODRA), the children and families of El Ayudante’s HCN (Nicaraguan Christian Home), and the staff of Staff of El Ayudante. Training seminars and classes are also a possible option.

Other Opportunities

Help meet basic needs of clean water (clay pot filters) and food (Blessing Bags).

El Ayudante always strives to utilize teams to minister to the local police, local teachers, and the families of the HCN in creative ways. We’ve offered training seminars, encouragement luncheons, medical clinics, and special presentations. Or if your team has another idea, we’re eager to dialogue and work with you to see what’s possible.