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For as little as $35 a month, you can sponsor a child and provide educational tutoring, spiritual development, mentoring programs, regular healthcare and check-ups, emotional and social support, and nutritional food.

The EA Family in victory!

Introducing our 3 newest kids that joined our Family in 2024

Picture of Ashley Nazareth, an 8 year old kid who joined our program in 2024.


My name is Ashley Nazareth. I was born in Leon, Nicaragua, on November 25, 2015. My favorite food is Nacatamal. My favorite colors are green and purple; my favorite animals are cats and parakeets. I love playing soccer with my older sister Brittany and my cousins.

Leam Carlos is a 5-year-old kid who loves car toys, soccer, & baseball!


My name is Leam Carlos Ramirez. I was born in Leon, Nicaragua, on December 3rd, 2018. My friends call me Leam Carlos, and I love that they call me by my full name. I love playing with my car toys. I also love playing soccer, baseball, tag and hide and seek with my family.

Picture of Hernal Joel, a 9-year-old kid who joined our program in 2024.


My friends call me Joel and that is how I love to go by. I was born in Leon, on August 4, 2014. My favorite food is "Gallo Pinto", noodles and plantains. I have one favorite color, and it is blue. I love to play hide and seek and also play soccer with my cousin and my sister.

Picture of Yassuri, a 17-year-old student.


My name is Yassuri. I was born on January 25, 2007. Every year the first birthday at the HCN is mine. My three favorite colors are pink, red, and blue. I love eating hamburgers and playing volleyball. I just graduated from high school and want to study veterinary medicine in college.



My name is David. I was born on January 27, 2010. I have a little sister and we live with our mother. Now, thanks to God and to El Ayudante we have a little house. My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs team, and I love to play soccer.

Picture of Yesprin, a 18-year-old with big dreams!


My name is Yesprin. I was born on August 10, 2005. I love to eat pizza. My favorite color is orange, and I like lions. For fun, I like to play baseball with my friends, I am passionate about drawing.

Picture of Erling, a 14-year-old teen who aspires to study business administration


My name is Erling. I was born on January 27, 2010. I have a pet parakeet. My favorite color is blue, my favorite animal is the lizard, and my favorite activities are playing hide and seek, watching Barcelona Football Club. When I grow up I want to study Business Administration.

Picture of Fancella, a 13-year-old who loves art!


My name is Francela. I was born on November 28, 2010. Sometimes my friends call me by my first name Jania. My favorite colors are blue, red and pink. I love butterflies, and I like dogs, drawing, and painting. When I grow up I want to study art and accounting.

Picture of Grendy. A 17-year-old girl wants to be a pharmacist.


My name is Grendi. I was born on June 11, 2006. I love eating pizza, drinking soda, riding my bike, and dancing. I like to play soccer. I enjoy going to school every day and I would like to study to be a Pharmacist.



My name is Heini. I was born on November 5, 2009. I love the color red, and I like to paint in art class. I also like to play kickball, volleyball and basketball. I would like to study to be a Veterinarian.

Picture of Javier, a 10-year-old kid who needs a sponsor.


My name is Javier. My birthday is April 25, 2014. I am going to finish my first grade of primary school and I want to continue studying. I really enjoy spending time with my cousins, playing baseball and watching television.

Picture of Shari, a precious 12-year-old aspiring accountant.


My name is Shari. I was born on November 14, 2011. My favorite color is pink and my favorite activities are playing with dolls, drawing, and playing hide and seek. I also love spending time with my pet who is a parakeet.  When I grow up I want to be an Accountant.

Picture of Marcos a 12-year-old tween who aspires to be an engineer.


My name is Marcos. I was born on November 30, 2009. A fun fact about me is that I have the last birthday of the year at the HCN. I love the color red, and monkeys. I have learned to play marbles and I have fun when I play with my friends at El Ayudante. When I grow up I want to be an Engineer.

Picture of Paquito also known as Carlitos


My name is Carlitos and my date of birth is March 13, 2018. I am going to start my preschool studies, and I love having many little friends. My favorite hobby is playing ball.

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