El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization

Sponsor a Teacher - Transform a Nation

The Hogar Cristiano Nicaragüense (Nicaraguan Christian Home, HCN) located in León, Nicaragua has been serving the needs of at-risk children in Nicaragua for over 20 years. At the HCN, students receive tutoring, two meals and a snack, individual and family counseling, and medical care.

World Bank reports that 71% of Nicaraguan students do not graduate high school and are not prepared to meet life’s challenges. With the help of our teachers, we have reversed the trend! 72% of our students DO graduate high school.

So far, we have 13 High School Graduates, and all are first generation high school graduates!  7 are currently in college, while 3 have already earned their college degrees.  6 of our children have full time jobs and are self-sufficient.  We are breaking the cycle of generational poverty!

When our children first entered the program, most were not even in school.  Our teachers have a major impact on the lives of our children. They help with homework and reinforce what is being taught in school, helping our children understand subjects where they otherwise would struggle and potentially fall behind.

Your monthly and/or one-time gifts will help sustain the work done by teachers at the HCN with our students. Our teachers offer one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, and guidance to our students. Our teachers are good role models and are instrumental in helping our children succeed in school.


In my life, I can describe El Ayudante in three words: “Blessing of God.” Serving is the key in El Ayudante and this has strengthened the value of service in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to have a job, which allows me financial independence.

El Ayudante has meant love, sacrifice and dedication to the service of others.

— Prof. Marisol Dolmust, HCN Director

Teacher Introductions


Professor Mary has worked at El Ayudante since 2007 and currently serving as the director and Psychologist of the HCN. Marisol is the sixth of nine siblings and currently lives with her husband. She enjoys spending weekends with her parents and is very grateful to God because in these difficult years He has continually guarded and blessed her children. She also is thankful to all the people who are united in prayer so that this center continues to function.

María Mercedes

María has worked as a Psychologist for the HCN since 2015. She is the sixth daughter of nine children and is married with a son. She works with children, adolescents, and their families. She loves to be part of the change in the lives of the children and enjoys seeing them smile when she is caring and guiding them with love. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve as a psychologist at El Ayudante and feels like she is within a family.


Professor Eyner started working as an EA interpreter in 2017. As time went by, he was offered / promoted to work as the EA mission teams coordinator on site for a short period of time in 2023. However, God called him to work at HCN, where he is currently in charge of students’ English Class reinforcement, Sponsorship area and Spiritual mentoring. What makes him feel blessed is having the certainty that he is working for The kingdom of heaven. The main reason for which he is serving for EA Ministry is because he faithfully believes that the greatest act of love that a servant of God can do is the fact of doing his holy will no matter the calling. This thinking from Eyner is inspired and based on Colossians 3:23-24


Professor Isabel has taught Natural and Social Science at the HCN since 2007. She is the fifth of ten siblings and lives in the city of León with her mother, three nephews, and four brothers. Her favorite part of being a teacher is preparing children both in theory and in practice. She loves teaching, playing games, and advising the children. She greatly appreciates and admires that people make it possible for many of our kids to have an education and a home.

Profesora Keylin


My name is Keylin, I come from Paiwas, whose municipality belongs to the autonomous region of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. I am currently a graduate of educational mathematics and computing. Teaching is really my favorite area and since El Ayudante gave me the opportunity to perform my profession in 2024, it has been a great blessing to be able to serve the Lord in this ministry and to be able to help the children of HCN strengthen their academic knowledge by teaching them with love, patience and dedication, which at the same time  helps me achieve a professional and personal growth. I am very happy to belong to the EA family since I believe that God chooses the right people for the right place.


Professor Noe has worked as an assistant since 2014 for the HCN. She is the youngest of her brothers and lives with her mother and niece. She loves being able to support and help the children and adolescents in their tasks and to join in playing games with them. She greatly appreciates everyone who supports this ministry.