El Ayudante Nicaraguan Charity Organization

Teams are usually scheduled with a Saturday to Saturday or Friday to Friday flight schedule. Flights from the US into Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua arrive from lunch through early evening. Teams are met by El Ayudante staff with transportation after they claim luggage and clear customs. Luggage is loaded and the team departs for León, an approximately two hour drive.

The following schedule is based on a Saturday to Saturday flight schedule. Sunday includes attending/serving at a local church, and preparing for the week’s ministry. Monday through Thursday, team ministry is determined by the team considering their gifts and the needs of the local communities (options include but are not limited to vacation bible school, construction and medical). Supplies and funding for the week’s ministry are provided by the team. Ministry will occur between 8:00am and 5:00pm. Nights are used for reflection and devotion both individually and as a team. Friday after breakfast, teams leave León to tour Nicaragua. Potential tour sites include Masaya Volcano National Park and the Managua zip-line over the lagoon of an inactive volcano. Shopping for local crafts at Masaya or Managua is also included in the day’s events.

Hotel options for Friday (the last) night in Managua include the Camino Real which is five minutes from the airport and offers a continental breakfast and transportation to the airport, or the Best Western which is across the street from the airport.

El Ayudante’s team member fees for the week include lodging, food while you stay on our campus and one dinner at the beach, transportation, and translators. All ministry fees will be in addition to the team member fees. See the fees list for updated pricing information.



Here’s an example of a Saturday-Saturday intenerary:


Day of arrival—travel to León
Flights from the U.S. into Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua arrive from lunch through early evening. El Ayudante staff will be waiting with transportation to meet teams after they clear customs and claim their checked bags. Luggage is then loaded and the team departs for a 2 hour drive to El Ayudante’s campus in León.


Worship at local church, time at HCN or sightseeing downtown
Sunday could include attending and/or serving at a local church, preparing for the week’s activities, or sightseeing.

DAYS 3  6

Full ministry days
The team’s daily ministry schedule is determined by the team’s gifting and interests, and yet strategically coordinated to build on the work of previous teams. Ministry typically occurs between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Evenings are often utilized for rest, reflection, and devotion times.


Tour Day
Friday after breakfast, teams typically leave EA for a tour day. Potential tour sites vary depending on the time of year. Options will be discussed during the trip planning process. The team then spends their final night in Managua at Camino Real, a hotel five minutes from the airport that offers a continental breakfast and transportation to the airport the next morning.


Day of departure—shuttle to airport from hotel



Team members are responsible for snacks and meals while traveling to and from León
Airline ticket & Travel insurance Prices vary
El Ayudante t-shirt (optional) see fees list
El Ayudante’s team member fee see fees list
Entrance fee at Managua airport $10.00
Friday lunch $10.00
Friday dinner (if you stay at Camino Real Hotel, plan for about $15-20/per person at the restaurant)
Fees for Friday sightseeing according to your team’s choice [volcano in Masaya, hiking Cerro Negro Volcano near Leon (optional)] $5.00-$20.00
Souvenirs/crafts (optional) $25.00-$75.00
*Approximately $100 per team member is adequate to carry to Nicaragua for spending money.
*US Dollars are commonly accepted, but bills need to be clean with no marks or tears.