Greetings from Nicaragua!
I hope this note finds you and your families well! The El Ayudante team wanted to send you an update on the activities of the children at HCN. So, here we go!
In January, our oldest youth, Jenny, started university at UNAN in León. She is the first El Ayudante student to go to college, and we are all very excited for her and her future.

In February, the children started a new school year—and a new school. They are now attending Rubén Darío Primary School and The National Institute of the West High School. They are having a great experience.

Along with these other exciting happenings, we recently welcomed three new girls to the El Ayudante day program. Stephanie is 10 years old. Alexandra is 8 years old, and Grendi is 7 years old. They are all sisters, and all of them are in need of sponsors.
Outside of school, the kids at the Center have done several activities with teams from the United States. In March, Salem United Methodist Church made crafts with the kids. Afterwards, the team and the kids went together to the assisted living in León to give the crafts to the elderly. The older girls also performed a folk dance for the residents.

Later in March, All Saints Anglican Church spent an afternoon with the kids doing crafts. At the end, the kids had a slip’n slide party, water balloon war, and flew kites. It was quite a sight to see!
The biggest blessing for the kids and the Center over the past few months has been the presence of six people from the World Race serving with the day program for the entire month of March. They helped the kids with English and math class, but they also taught gymnastics, dance and art. We were all sad to see them leave.
The director of the Center, Marisol, the psychologist, Guadalupe, and all of the house moms and teachers continue to work hard providing stability and support to the kids. As always, the kids have a lot of energy, but our desire is that they feel affirmed, safe, and loved so that they can prosper throughout their life.
Thank you so much for your support of the children and for your partnership with El Ayudante. We could not continue with our work without you! Please keep in mind that not all of our children are fully sponsored, especially the three new girls. If you are interested or know someone else who is interested in helping further support the children, please contact us!
Liz Coley